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Where Insurance Terms and articles of Care and Responsibility for others' property is concerned it is important to be made fully aware of ....

CMCC and each of its Associated Operators have their own individual Terms and Conditions and these are clearly shown with quotes and Reservation Request forms. Any Summary of the Contracts are provided as a service as to the binding Contracts between Hirer and Operator which are signed at start of hire.....but be assured there are no ambiguous or 'hidden' clauses. All Operators practise and value the mutual trust and responsibility that must exist with every client.

CMCC and Associated Operators will usually hire to..
Persons who...
Have a minimum of 12 months Full Licence driving history.
Hold Full National Drivers Licences or Permits showing a picture of the driver.
Are between 22 years and 70 *years of age 
If you are *over 70 years of age.?..please apply to CMCC as we can usually request special arrangements for you.
Have no Drink/Drive or Drug/Drive or Dangerous/Drive convictions.
Obtain an International Driving Permit for driving in Europe.
Can obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence if required for a vehicles over 4 tonnes
Provide a credit card for Bond security.
Are aware of the Bond/Excess liability (from £200-£1000)..and of the terms of any Collision damage Waiver insurance provided or paid for.
Agree to treat the vehicle as if their own, taking reasonable care and be fully responsible for any traffic violation penalties, including parking during the hire period.
Collect and return the vehicle clean and presentable at times shown on the contract.
Be fully aware of penalties for late return and any requirements regarding emptying toilets and waste water tanks..and the arrangements regarding fuel and cooking gas.

CMCC and Associated Operators will endeavour to..
Ensure that the vehicle will be fully insured and compliant for the countries to be visited acording to any restrictions that may apply from time to time.
Provide the type and model of vehicle as reserved or a similar or a superior model..or should no such vehicle be available (e,g, due to previous hire accident damage)  to refund all payment without any further liability.
Consider reasonable reparation for any time lost because of mechanical failure of the vehicle. This covers only daily hire fees and  actual, verifiable expenses incurred for repairs.
Will endeavour to replace a vehicle if it suffers long term mechanical failure. If replacement can not be facilitated, a refund of the remaining unused hire fees will usually be made. No refund is made for 'loss of holiday enjoyment'..merely for time lost.
NOTE..There is no refund for Early Return of a vehicle.

The above Terms summarise those which will be read, agreed to and signed at the depots.

CMCC RESERVATIONS /Booking Conditions
CMCC RESERVATIONS henceforth known as "The Agent" gives notice that all tickets/coupons/receipts/arrangements for transfer,conveyance and/or accommodation are issued/made and only as Agents and specifically Agents for the customer/client, upon the condition that the Agent shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity occasioned by any defect in any vehicle or through the act or defaults of any person or company in carrying out any of the arrangements made on behalf of the customer/client or in any act in connection therewith.
No representation or warranty with the respect to the standard of service or age or quality of accomodation or vehicle provided by the Service provider/Principal/Owner is implied or given.
The customer/client acknowledges all the above and that the Agent is acting in good faith on his/her/their behalf in making these arrangements and is indemnified from all responsibility, notwithstanding that The Principal may be a foreign company, corporation or person.
The acceptance of confirmations, receipts, coupons etc is an acceptance and acknowledgement of the above conditions.


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