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CMCC can arrange Motorhomes and Campers like these 
....there are a variety of models..
CMCC will provide you with layout details and all available options
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From..£40 / A$90 / US$70 / Eur.55 P/Day


HI TOPS........ are Campervans with facilities.
Sleeps TWO..(and maybe 1 child.)
Beds made from rear seats....(Child uses fold down roof bed).
Shower + Toilet room (in most models.)
Cook top + Grill and some have an Oven.
Fridge..Cupboard and small Wardrobe.
Mains power hook up.
Radio and CD
Economy....Approx 10 k/p/litre/diesel

Luxury 2+2 Berths
From..£50 / A$111 US$75 / Eur.67 P/Day


LUXURY 2+2....... are usually LowLine Motorhomes
Sleeps TWO / THREE..and maybe a Child..depending on size.
Beds made from Dinette seats and maybe a Side bed
(Some have a fixed rear bed.)
Bed sizes vary and Configuration depends on the model (details available)
Full Motorhome facilities...Heater in living area.
Double glazed windows in living area
Larger Water Tanks and Waste water tanks.
Economy.....Approx 9 k/p/litre/diesel

Luxury 3-4 Berths
From..£60 / A$135 / US$90 / Eur.82 P/Day


LUXURY 3 to 4 BERTHS ........are Full sized Motorhomes
Sleeps up to FOUR...depending on size.
Two double beds... usually made from the Dinette..
Permanent Over cab double bed...(some have extra side bed.)
Full Motorhome facilities (as in Luxury 2+2).
Extra living space for up to Four
Usually carry more water and have more storeage.
Economy......Approx 9 k/p/litre/diesel

Luxury 4-5 Berths
From..£70 / A$155 / US$102 / Eur.95 P/Day


LUXURY 4 to 5 BERTHS .......are Full sized Motorhomes
Sleeps up to FIVE...depending on layout.
Two double beds using dinette and overcab areas..
....also one side bed......again, check the size needed.
Four adults find these ideal
Full Motorhome facilities.....of course!
Economy.....Approx 9 k/p/litre/diesel

Luxury 5-7 Berths
From..£80 / A$180 / US$120 / Eur.110 P/Day


LUXURY 5 to 7 BERTHS.........the Super Motorhomes
Sleeping 5 /6 /7..(according to a variety of layouts)
Manufacturers try to minimise the overall length.... and weight...
.....(if over 4 tonnes you need a special licence)
The layouts may include..combinations of....
Two double beds (using dinettes)...or One double and 2 bunks on lower level
One double over the cab....Specifc layouts cannot always be guaranteed.
Groups of 6 or 7 must make special requests known.
Superior Motorhome facilities
Economy....Approx 8 k/p/litre/diesel

NOTE: Use all the above details and advice as a Guide to help you decide...
Motorhomes are usually booked according to TYPE.
Model types may have differing layouts......
Motorhome Types vary from depot to depot . We do our best to 
provide a vehicle to suit your requirements..please choose with this in mind.

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