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CMCC has been Holiday-Making for over   42 YEARS   and knows that the more you know before setting off on your Holiday Of A Lifetime the better...here are some of our 'jottings' about the joys..and a few pit-falls.. of   MOTORHOMING.

Choosing Your Motorhome:..

Have a look at your local   neighbourhood ..what others are using..compare size, driveability...and imagine driving it.   No matter where in the World you plan to tour..models are basically what you can see locally.   Visit some Used Motorhome/RV Centres..clamber around..who knows, on your return you might want to buy one..so the Sales Persons will not mind.

Check the market..View as many websites as you can..then come back to CMCC and ask for a Quote..A brochure..and Book the BEST
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HINTS...Choose the Size which gives everyone
 a comfortable BED
.and good visibility while on the road..
Don't worry if it hasn't got all the gizmos like..fishing rod holders..GPS navigators..HI FI CD players..hairdryers in the bathroom..ice makers..Satelite TV..coffee holders..cocktail bars..bull bars..limited slip diffs....fog lights..snow chains..cow catchers..tow bars..clothes hoists..rollout lawns and awnings..and even Automatic gears...YES..you can have all these..ON YOUR OWN Motorhome..(when you have time to build it exactly the way you want it..and you might!)..
But please realise that Hire companies like CMCC have the type of vehicles that 1000s of Hirers and 1000s of feedback forms show what MOST hirers want. ..be assured..your CMCC Motorhome will do most of what you want and it will be a great base for your Holiday of a Lifetime..

Trial hires for a day or two are 'OK'..but...you'll be nervous and busy 'learning how things work and where things go"..AND...Remember..your CMCC Motorhome will GROW......it may seem snug at first..but after a few days..you learn where to put things..how not to clutter up the place..and really begin to enjoy living on the move..

Free or Wild or Casual Over-nighting is a great way to spread the budget...and that's what Motorhomers want..to do it your way..without breaking the bank....if your Motorhome has a toilet you can stay where you please without being a nuisance and upsetting the Natives..Stay overnight at the truck stops..down by the river...up a little lane..or on the banks of the Seine or the Limpopo.(beware of lions!)...the possibilities abound.

Camp Sites/Camping Grounds..call them what you like..are great for meeting the local Campers and swapping notes on itineraries,..what to see and what to avoid..and they are really nice if you have children. They have somehere to play, to meet new friends, compare experiences, go for a swim, help with the open air barbecue, watch TV, play table tennis and volleyball, and at some sites..even enjoy the nightly disco. Of course a site costs..but for a feeling of security and the above reasons..they are value for money...and remember, with the Modern CMCC Motorhome you don't need to connect to electricity..you are self contained..so need only pay for a Tenting site..another saving!

Guide Books and Maps.. are usually in all CMCC Motorhomes and you can add to these as you go..call in at the local TICs which are usually on the Motorways or on the outskirts of most large towns or tourist destinations..they will assist with local maps..and Camp Site directions and bookings..if required. You don't need site guides far in advance..just the day before will do...who knows where you will be in two days' time?..you might decide to stay at this idyllic spot and miss out on another visit to another castle..as long as you get the CMCC Motorhome back to us as arranged..we don't mind where you go or stay...or how much you deviate from the straight and narrow..it's your holiday..doing it your way!

"OK...Let's Get this Show on the Road!!"'

Get your your CMCC Quick Quote...or Email CMCC your questions..and begin the Holiday of a Lifetime..

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For future planning and reference...
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