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"TO HIRE OR TO BUY?"... That is the Question...
"It's just a matter of time"... That is the Answer!

CMCC SPECIAL BUY BACK PLANS......  Famous since 1973

We are Experts in arranging the PURCHASE and BUY BACK of quality used Campervans, Hi Tops and Motorhomes.

Who Buys our Vehicles?
If you have 4 MONTHS OR LONGER available to you.....
 If you want to "see it all in as long as it takes".. 
or a Holiday Escape-Machine for weekends, 
If you want to have your very own motorhome waiting for you for future holidays (yes we store it for you), or if you are looking for Bargain wheels, even re-living your 1970s Kombi.."memories!"... 
                         What is the outlay?
We can source a vehicle to suit most budgets...
            A realistic Minimum budget is around..  
          £8000 /A$18000/US$12,500/Eur.10,900
Registration + Insurance + Equipment adds another £500/A$1100/US$800/Eur,700
So a realistic entry point minumum all up outlay is
around £8500/A$18,500/US$12,750/Eur.11,850
Then when we offer to buy it back from you...?...
                  THE COST AFTER BUY BACK......
                  AT THE END OF A 3-4 MONTH HOLIDAY 
Averages around
 US$70 /Eng Pds 45 / Aus$97 / Eur.62 P/Day 

See the SAMPLE For Sale List for what your budget will Buy

What is the Buy Back Amount?
This will vary according to how long you keep it and the age of the vehicle you buy.

On a 1-6 year old model expect a depreciation of 32% in 4 months and 2% p/month thereafter

On a 7-10 year old - depreciation is 42%

On a 10+ years old model - depreciation is 52%

Obviously, a 'younger' vehicle will cost you more, but after Buy Back, the average daily cost to you might not be much more..AND..you will be enjoying the extra comforts of a more modern vehicle...

The Choice Is Yours      
                              Get a Quick Quote Now !


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